Thursday, 5 February 2015

how friends can change your life !

hi guys, tis is more of a personal blog post.

its about how important friends are to me and how you shouldn't take them for granted. honestly my friends have been so loyal to me and I really appreciate it and you should all appreciate yours too. I'm so lucky to have them . you basically spend most of your young life with your friends and I just want to put it out there that you shouldn't start arguments or show any sort of sign that you don't either like them or don't appreciate them because there is people out there that take being popular or simply just having fiends for granted. well they shouldn't because they're people out there with no friends and honestly if you are one of those people I'm so sorry but you will later in life don't you worry.

I'm lucky to have the friends I do so im going to make as many memories as I can with them because life is too short to not have fun. life is for living not dyeing.

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